Codepen Tribute Review

Hello all,

A long time ago in a galaxy far away, a graduated with a degree in Multimedia. Almost just as long ago I was seduced by the dark-side of help desk support. Last year I found myself in a position to make a direction change, and while I am enjoying it, I would rather get back to the path I started down years ago. Much has changed and languages have updated and new ones are used and now there are frameworks and a bajillion things different. I decided to work through this program for the structured exercises and to update my skill set.

Please if you have a moment take the time to check out my tribute page and let me know what you think. Additionally if you notice any issues, or bad habits that I may have in my code please let me know :smiley: Thanks

Asimov Tribute Link

@dalekRider Responsive design and good background photo, and good use of fonts. Your tribute page is well done and thorough.

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Thanks :slight_smile: I still feel like I can streamline the code a bit to make it cleaner. I’ll probably tinker with it a bit more.