codePen vs. my file

SOOooo, I created a website i guess on my notepad++, instead of codepen like the project said to do. how would i upload my file to the solution box to submit. I tried draging the file and it did not work then i just ran the website and copied “file:///C:/Users/HP/Desktop/busniess/business.html” also didnt work because it doesn’t have the HTTP whatever.What should i do?

Make a CodePen account, create a Pen(a web page) and then copy the various code file contents into the respective editors. Then you can simply submit the link to that Pen.

That’s only on your local computer, it’s not on freeCodeCamp’s servers. :wink:

If you don’t want to use codepen, you can deploy it on

@Saiyan, the reason FCC suggests codepen is so that others can see your code and your solution. You’re not running a server on your local machine so there’s no way for anyone to see the finished product.
You can put it on codepen, fiddle, netlify, github…whatever. Just needs to be where the finished product can be seen.

You can create a codepen account and then copy/paste the HTML and CSS from your local HTML and CSS into the respective sections on codepen.

Btw, it helps to fork the pen in codepen because then you can preserve the user stories and ensure you’re meeting the MVP (minimal viable product).