CodeRoad checking the same thing on every step

Currently doing the Build a Mario Database section.

No matter what step I’m on, CodeRoad insists on viewing all data in “more_info”. Which means the table “more_info” must exist, and I must have used the commend “SELECT * FROM more_info;”. I can repeat this command for every step and CodeRoad will continue onto the next step. While this is convenient for speedrunning through the lesson, it doesn’t exactly help me make sure I’m doing the steps right.

I’ve already attempted to use the reset on the bottom of the step (repeatedly). I’ve used the full course reset (twice now). I’ve closed and reopened the terminal. I’ve closed and reopened CodeRoad. I’ve logged out of FCC and back in. I’ve cleared the cookie cache for CodeAlly. I’ve logged out of GitHub and back in. I’ve closed all my Google Chrome windows and relaunched. I’ve restarted my computer. I’m still getting the same behaviour, and I’m not sure what my next step should be.

Have you tried deleting the entire container from codeally?

Have just done so, and am no longer encountering that behaviour. Thanks for the idea!

For anyone encountering the same issue and looking for where to delete the project, I found it at this link. It should connect with your GitHub details.

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