CodeRoad does not recognize the step done DATA BASE BASE Building Five Programs

Im doing the course os DATA BASE im in the course of Learn Bash Scripting by Building Five Programs but im stucked

as you can see the all the code is right, idk what can i do? just wait that someone fix it or there is something that i can do to mov forward.

follow debugging steps here

I did everything it says. The last “resort too” i made it twice and is not working :confused:

Just confirming, you tried the steps below already?

exit the current terminal (type ‘exit’ and )
start a new terminal from the menu (click hamburger menu → Terminal → New Terminal)
then run the sh script

Yes, the problem isnt in the terminal is in the script. The CodeRoad doesnt recognice my condition… that why it says " your script should have the suggested “if” statement added correctly", but it has. You can check it in the print that i’ve uploaded.

I’ve reset the CodeRoad, also, as a last resource, i went to the CodeAlly dashboard and delete it so i started again from the beginning but i got stucked in the same step

I am going through the steps to see if I hit this too.

I was able to pass the step (and a few more)
Not sure why yours isn’t.

One difference I see is that you don;t have a space after the modulo %
Try adding one space there

also mine doesn’t have the middle echo (the hints told me to remove it)
Double check the hints to see if they say that there should be 2 echo statements only. @roysho.cs

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THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! that was the problem, (the middle echo). Really, thanks for taking part of your time and check this. I really appreciate it.

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