Coders Over40 Project

I am wondering if there are any coders of a certain age(if you graduated high school in 1992 or before, you do the math), who would like to get together and work on a large Wiki project I have conceived.

With so many resourses available to the community i would like to compile and make sense of what is available for everyone out there, but especially those over 40. This is just a concept at this juncture but others would be a great help.

Feel free to message me here, or reply to my email on my profile.

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I’m reading the post but I’m not clear what you meant by resources for those over 40? Are the resources for 40+ different than everyone else? (perhaps I’m not understanding what you mean by resources)
Perhaps some examples of the issue you are trying to solve or the resources you are trying to compile would help me understand.


I’m 35, so would be excluded from your over 40s group, however, even though 35 seems a youngish age, I feel old as many jobs in the UK advertise for recent graduates, whom I expect are around 21 / 22!

I agree with @hbar1st. It is a bit confusing.

We have access to many of the resources that the younger coders have access to.

What exactly are you wanting to accomplish, and how do you see that happening?

Quincy wrote this Medium article about/for people learning development later on life

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Thank you. It really was a great article.

Well i certainly didn’t think that a resources depot, call it a one stop shop to find the most up to date information, best online classes, maybe listings of industry types willing to mentor, job/internship opportunities. Those are resources that are spread out all over the internet, and I thought it would be a good to have a consolidated place to find them.

I know that in my travels here on the web i come across site after site that offer free/semi-free or even paid help. If it were accessible from a hub it may be easier and not so overwhelming. I was thinking if blog space for reviews, recommended courses, new tech, all the things a person just entering the field would want.
As for being 35 and not included, apologies if it seemed that way, i just know that there are folks of a certain age, like me, that sometimes don’t have the most up to date information and if anyone else is like me, seem to go for a merry go round of a ride finding where to get what i need to finish the job.
So with this said, if you aren’t confused anymore and think it is something you would like to see happen, lets chat.

I like the thought of a Resource Depot - no matter what age :blush: and think it could be a good idea.

I’m sure that we have all found resources that we rely on - I lean heavily towards one specific video channel and FCC Medium articles.

I would also consider skill / learning level more than age.

I do believe that there is a channel here of forum for sharing reviews of resources. But I haven’t checked it out lately.

Of course it would be available to anyone, but for marketing purposes i would want to direct attention to the project to that age group more heavily, the web is open and free to share, but not always navigable by all. I’m sure you are aware that targeted marketing is common, especially for those that are felt to be under represented like women, minorities etc. and as a gay, white male over 50 it seems there are other demographic groups that might need a little bit of guidance to find the great information I and so many others have found,

Yes, of course. I’ve taken advantage of the Outreachy Internship as a female of a certain age entering into tech.

But I’m not a Senior yet, so let’s not that “age” bar too high.

What resources would you like to share?

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fair enough, age factor not public , will be for marketing purposes only.

So what i am envisioning is nothing new, nothing magical, just a Wiki, with tech definitions, job description, learning paths to think about, specialisations, articles about anything really, just have to be tech focused.

I was thinking about a blog or something that reviews some of the online bootcamps/tutorials/books etc, from thosse who have experienced them first hand…Maybe gather 2 or 3 people with different learning styles together and have them review from their perspective, could be a great way for some folks to decide, based on how they learn best.

Again these are all infant ideas I have been batting around for a bit now. The resource guide could of course be limitless, and may be a telephone yellow pages type directory that is interactive and when you click on it the pages shows the reviews/blog, pricing info etc;. and of course would be an ongoing upkeep challenge and thus the thought of making it a Wiki, so that the information could be edited by the community and maintained and checked by the core developers or whomever we decide upon.

This sounds possible. Let me think on how I can contribute.

Take all the time you would like. I will research Wiki, and see how to go about this.

It seems like you don’t really need a separate resource so much as just social support. I can empathize, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with wanting a cohort of students who are close to you in age and experience. Consider advertising a meetup in your local area for programmers over 40. There’s likely a bigger market for that than realize. Be firm in excluding the younger crowds, too, otherwise you may get overrun.

Thanks for sharing! Great article!

There’s also an interesting Slack called Ageism in Tech.

It’s pretty quiet though…

Thank you. I haven’t seen that one.

I apologise to those who have contributed to this thread if there was a misunderstanding in the intent of this project, and perhaps i could assist in clearing up the confusion…Think,, an outlet mall…

A place to compile a large amount of information on similar topics for a demographic of users can take advantage of to further their interests.

I don’t think you need to apologize. You recognized a need and tried to find a solution.

But I do think there is a generation gap that needs to be accepted. Older coders have a different mind-set and a different resource base than younger coders.

I applied for a speaker position at a conference earlier. They wanted to know what my difference was. I had to admit that I am of a gender/age discrimination issue. it is sad, but true. So this could be a good thing for those of us facing the same discrimination issues, even if it is one of four/two…

48, interested in helping. Keep us posted. Thanks