Codetriage and GitHub

hello Campers,
please I have question. I do not know a lot about GitHub but I wanted to contribute to CodeTriage to fix errors
it is required to have knowledge of GitHub and Git to contribute to codetriage?
and it is required to download anything? as they say make sure that you have bundler and I do not know things like that.
and many thanks in advance

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Git and GitHub are used to make contributions of code, but you can still be a contributor by helping moderate, helping create guidelines around contributions, organizing issues like removing duplicates or describing them which helps other core contributors. There’s also documentation that you can suggest.

However, I think Git and GitHub is a valuable skill. If you’re going to be a developer in a professional sense at all, then you’ll need to know how to use version control. If you’d like to learn more about Git and GitHub I found this to be a useful tutorial:

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thanks so much for helpful reply. I just want to fix errors through codetriage at least at recent time
so any prerequisities to do that? or any knoweledge required before doing that ? as I do not know how codetriage works totally

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What kind of errors are you referring to? As I understand it, CodeTriage helps you find GitHub “issues” (a catch-all term for tasks and errors to fix), but I’m not sure what you’re referring to in particular.

EDIT: At the very least, if you have no idea how to fix the problem, you can always tweet at the company/developer letting them know what problem you’ve encountered and what you suspect caused the error.

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here is the link

Thanks for sharing the link. I think I know how it works, but I’m unclear about what “errors” you’re referring to.

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I meant to fix code bugs

Okay, if you’re experiencing a bug with their website you have a couple options if you don’t know how to use Git/GitHub.

  1. Create a GitHub account and document the problem in their issues.
  2. Contact one of the contributors on Twitter and let them know with as much important detail as you can about what happened.

If you learn how to use Git/GitHub:

  1. Still document their problem in their GitHub issues.
  2. Fix it yourself in the code and submit a pull request.

That’s kind of high-level, so let know if you have questions.

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