Coding a CAD to Gcode software

I am working on building a carbon fiber filament winder for winding composite high pressure tanks. I want to write a desktop app in which I can import a CAD file, such as .STL, .STEP, or .OBJ. It would have a 3D viewer, but it would mainly be for creating the tool path for my machine and outputting a gcode file that I can then send to LinuxCNC. If possible, I would like if it could be compatible with some FEA software for testing purposes. My question is, I am willing to learn what needs to be done, but I don’t know what course to take. I am currently working on freeCodeCamp’s Udemy C++ course and also learning openGL for graphics. any tips on where to go from here would be greatly appreciated. (I can provide more details if wanted)

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FreeCodeCamp doesn’t have a Udemy though. It does offer video tutorials on Youtube. Also as far as I know, Blender already supports CAD files. Not sure about it exporting to GCode, but building a plugin for it would be simpler than trying to build a full on 3D opengl graphics application.

That’s incredibly difficult and the amount of effort vs payoff doesn’t seem quite worth it to me.

Sorry! I realized after I posted that the Udemy course was not from freeCodeCamp.

Edit; I am considering using the FreeCAD source code as a base to get started with. I should only need to create a filament path engine coresponding Gcode generator.