Coding Bootcamps

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What are your thoughts on coding bootcamps (like LeWagon, Appcademy etc.)? Are they worth the big tuition fee or would you suggest self learning? And what do you think about the networking advantage that you can get through these bootcamps? Do you think you can also get this by attending lots of meetups?

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This has been discussed several times on the forum. Do a search on bootcamps.


Re networking - a bootcamp is full of people searching for a [first] job. A meetup/usergroup is just a group of people interested in a certain tech or subject. Second is potentially far, far more useful [if it isn’t a beginner’s group] if it’s well attended and you’re in a geographic area that’s a tech hub :woman_shrugging: Doesn’t help much on the learning side though, see other threads for discussions on that

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Sorry, didn’t think about that :smiley:

As owel said, lots of existing info on this topic already, but never hurts to add another answer I guess. For starters I would say that it is imperative that you do your research on which bootcamp you want to apply too. There are some that are just in it for the money and don’t care much about their students, but then there are ones that have great reports on their student outcomes, employment rates, etc. You should set up a meeting with the ones you are interested and go shake hands with the admissions team and have them show you around. You want to see what the environment is like and if it would be a good fit.

Lots of the good ones have a career services team that helps place you in your first job, so I would make sure that if you are considering a bootcamp, make sure they have some type of career services department. And yes, you are connected to an alumni of developers, but you can also connect with people at meetups, reddit, linkedin, hackathons, and lots of other ways.

Good luck in your decision!

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From historical context (and from what I remember), when these Bootcamps came on the scene it was the height of Ruby and Ruby on Rails. And companies were tripping over each other trying to hire Rails developers and there wasn’t much pool to pick from.

These bootcamps came on scene to train new RoR developers and companies were snapping up students even before they graduate, offering 100K+ salary, etc… From what I remember, it was good during the early days.

Well, nowadays, the big for-profit companies have bought these Bootcamps and well… try to extract as much profit from it as they can. — you can pretty much see where this is going.

Also, some of the Bootcamps have closed as the business model isn’t sustainable… or sold themselves to these for-profit companies to remain in operation.

Buyer Beware is what I can say nowadays.


yup…that was when I first heard the term “Full Stack Engineer” . If I remember correctly Hack Reactor was one of the first to start the trend and the rest followed. They have moved over from RoR to MERN completely.

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