Coding Buddies Wanted

I’m very much new to the world of coding as a student, though over the years I’ve done a bit of coding on my own [tragic]. I run a site with my two best friends who know absolutely nothing about coding so when I speak to them it’s like another language to them.

I’m a first-year Computer Science major [ not my first degree ].

What I’m looking for

  • A friend to create and motivate with
  • The possibility of a buddy working with me on my current site
  • A group of friends to build sites with (forum hosting service + resource site)
  • A group of friends to chat about our own projects with and support each other whether it’s just to be a leaning shoulder for venting when things go wrong and just have all hands on deck when they need it.
  • I get that a handful of us may be beginners and then some will be experienced, but I want that to reflect the overall diversity in the levels of support we can provide for one another

You can reach me on discord at steph #2194

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What’s your current site?

Current Site:

I would strongly suggest removing your email address from forum posts, to prevent unwanted SPAM.

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Feel free to join my server:

Well the page looks amazing!
It looks a bit out of my level to help with…
I’m a bit wary about giving out my details to strangers (even if they are just a discord name and tag), but I’m happy to chat here.