Coding Buddy for Data Structures and Algorithms

Are there any beginner programmers here that would like to code together? I am looking for a buddy to program with. I am ok with any programming language. If so, my Linked In is below: I am on linked in as Rebeka Henry.

I wanted to practice code data structures and algorithms.

Thank you!

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Hello, Nice to meet you becka. My name is leul, you can call me lee. I am a beginner as well, so if you are interested we can work together. :slight_smile:

Hi Leul,

Thank you for replying! Nice to meet you as well. Have you heard of pramp before?

Can I join you? I am beginner also.Can I code with you?

Hi Debo,

Let’s do leet code or hacker rank problems! Let me know if you have a platform that you want to code on together.

I am in hackerrank and hackerearth.which you prefer.

Hi Debo,

Lets do Hackerrank. My name is rebek_henry7 on there. What is yours?

Hey @beckahenryl !
I would like to join you on Data structures and Algorithms, i am currently half way throught the object-oriented section. Message me for info so we can all work together on this. I would like to do at least 1 hr a day on F.C.C.

Hi @ortega361

Awesome! Do you have hackerrank as well?

@beckahenryl I do not. I’m not familliar with it, but should i sign up for it?


It is a free platform that has different coding challenges that you can work on. I would recommend you join since you can program in different languages of choice. They even have Javascript on there (Node).

@beckahenryl cool, it’s set up now :slight_smile: , my username is ortegaG


Great! I messaged you on there

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In hackerrank my name is @Debomaster.