Coding Club - High School

Hi, all,

This doesn’t necessarily have to do with FCC, but I’m hoping to brainstorm/get advice on a high school coding club. I started a middle school coding club (to which only one kid showed up) using Google CS First. There seem to be more high school kids interested in starting their own club, but I know most coding clubs including Google CS First are geared more toward upper elementary and middle school ages. I’ve heard of CoderDojo that would work for high school, but I’m just wondering if there are other options I should explore for some kind of structure or platform for these kids. Manyof these kids are below the poverty line and don’t have their own computers, so, we would be using the school’s resources. Therefore, everything would need to be online. Also, I do not want to use GirlsWhoCode at this time in this situation. Thoughts? Thanks!

Hi, I was wondering what you did in the end? I’m a middle school teacher and would like to set up a club, but I’m not sure which resources to chose.

Hi, sebgrebe,

I still haven’t started the high school club, but the middle school club is small, so having a structured Google CS First was a bit too structured. During the last club, I took a book on how to make games using Scratch. I’m making sure to listen to what the kids’ interests are and trying to tailor it to that. Thanks for the question! Check out It might just be perfect for your club. There’s a standalone lesson or two as well that might get the kids interested.