Coding cravings

Is it normal for a beginner in this field to have a craving to code even though he/she doesn’t have enough knowledge yet? Or is it just me that want to try every possibility that crosses my mind once i learn a new thing about javascript?
Any thoughts about this?
i just worry i may develop learning expectations that are impossible to make happen with code so i just stop coding and
watch some comedy.

It’s the thrill of exploring the unknown. Coding is the nerdy version of spelunking.

Seriously, though, the fact that you’re that excited about the prospect is glorious. And it may well be challenged, in occasion, but try to keep that awe and joy.

To put some kind of perspective on that, I’ve been at this since 1983 -and it’s as fun and novel now as it was when i was 13.

AND i went to Clown college, literally - and still, coding if my happy place. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I wish i could have started this journey at 13, but computers were expansive here and my parents didn’t know better but i don’t blame them.
Now i’m 30, I’m expecting to be at some good level at 40.

I’ve never heard of the term “code cravings”, but like the terminology and might use it in the future.

Another similar word, or concept would be “enthusiasm” for what your doing. I consider this to be one of the most important, or the single most important aspects to learning how to code.

Simply put, learning to code/program is hard. Its work, lots can go wrong, and will go wrong, and learning what you want to know will result in you realizing all the stuff there is to know, where what you do know ends up being a tiny fraction of whats out there. You can easily get overwhelmed, lose motivation and give up completely.

However, having enthusiasm to jump right into this mess, to keep learning the hard stuff, to keep going at it even though you end up running into problems, means you can keep doing it when things get hard, rough, difficult.

I usually call enthusiasm, or love of what you do the “fuel” that can propel you through all of that, to keep you going through tough times.

It’s not perfect, nor is it foolproof. You want to nurture that feeling, to use it wisely, and keep feeding it so you can keep some in the tank to drive you along your journey.

I suggest setting your short term goals to align with your current skills. Its one thing to try to make a complete full-stack Facebook clone, its another to realize you need to focus on your JS skills and just write some simple scripts to brush up on your fundamentals. Setting achievable, realistic short term goals will give you some satisfaction when you achieve them. Rather than setting unattainable ones and getting you discouraged.

Its fine to set long term goals, but setting realistic ones will keep your enthusiasm intact.

Feeding this “craving to code” is how you can go from where you are, to achieving your goals, but it requires some diligence on doing it correctly and sustainably to keep it going, otherwise you can end up watching comedy, or getting distracted.

This means “coding healthy” (which is a bad analogy to eating health haha), where you code according to what you need at this time. Some things you think of might want to do wouldn’t be helpful because they are unrealistic, such as building a giant Facebook clone, compared to more “sensible” or “healthy” options (again bad analogies ;D) such as working on your fundamentals, or smaller projects to continue learning what you need, rather than what you want.

Ultimately you’re lucky, having that enthusiasm to codeis something not everyone gets. It’s the feeling you must nurture, and it’s the feeling that can help you reach your goals. It’s not foolproof, use it incorrectly or not nurture it and it can disappear, or go out completely. Keep feeding it, and do the right stuff for you at the right time and you can slowly march your way to whatever goal you set yourself toward.

Keep learning, keep building, keep it up, and feed that craving what it needs. Don’t look for easy options for it, look for the right options and build up over time. You will be surprised where it takes you!



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