Coding Curriculum not saving progress

When I sign it and click the coding curriculum button, it’s doesn’t save my work from the last time.

For example - I use dark theme for my coding curriculum, that’s not saved after logging in and neither is my progress.

Please advise if i am doing anything wrong.

Thanks in advance for your support.

I’m having the same issue.
Using Chrome browser.
Accepts my sign in email address and the short code but when I click the ‘go to the coding curriculum’ button I’m sent back to a code challenge I’ve already completed and the ‘Sign In’ button on the top right hand corner reappears (Not sure if this is an issue).
None of the code challenges I’ve completed has a tick and according to my profile I’ve completed 351 of 1409 coding challenges.
Whenever I complete a code challenge the completion rate does not increment up to 351.
To access the settings menu option I have to click on the Sign In button again. This enables me to logout.
I look forward to hearing from you
Thank you

+1, me too, I also have this problem.
I made my own support post not realising this subject was the same.

I am also having the same issue.

Also tried the following:

  1. Restarted the laptop
  2. Cleared cache
  3. Reset password

Same here. Cleared cache, restarted, flushed dns… :frowning:
Logged ticket #23559 @


I too am also having the same issue… infinite sign in loop.
Tried resetting cache… tried using email to login directly versus using github, and still nothing.

I have a same issue. I tried everything like restart chrome, fresh install and clear cache. But it still not save the progress. I think that the browser is not a problem.

Same issue, have tried all the above.

Creating a new account has the exact same problem.

Same issue here! Have tried with Opera, Firefox, and Chrome as well as Firefox on another computer.

same issue. +1
site was working briefly on the phone this morning, but was showing 1/4 of the completed tasks as incomplete.

Ok guys, for those that didn’t read the GitHub, the problem is local to Australia and NZ only (so far)

Solution is to use a VPN to be somewhere else


I don’t want to have to use a VPN to use this? I’m on a work computer so not possible…

This is such a bummer. Here I was, getting so excited to have finally resumed my training; sat down and finished so many tasks in a stretch, only to have realized that my progress wasn’t saved at all. :frowning:

The vpn does not work, i am using the vpn to access from chicago and makes no difference, can someone please advise what a work around is for this?

Whoch browser are you on?
I am using Chrome and VPN , SetupVPN extension. Country set to United Kingdom.
Working well till now

I am using chrome, also tried edge, both keep repeating the sign in page and goto the very first lesson on the curriculum. The forum logs me in fine but not the actual free code camp, it states that i am the right lesson on the login page but then when i goto the curriculum this resets and goes back to the beginning. not sure what is going on, i am going to try my desktop and see if this is different.

I have now tried firefox, edge and chrome, all the same, cleared cache and new installation for firefox but not saving and bring up my history, using avast vpn and tried uk and us, not sure what is going on but no point continuing until this issue is fixed. Is there anyway of letting tech support know about this issue?

Tech support are aware of it apparently and waiting the team who is actually responsible for that part of the system to resolve it.

Interesting. I don’t have any problem on Chrome. Maybe your firewall is blocking it? Try disabling it or use SetupVPN chrome extension

I VPNed to Singapore (Private Internet Access) and everything works fine on chrome.
Is it possible your VPN is bad, setup wrong, or not being used correctly?