Coding during gap year

Hi guys !

I have just finished my master’s and have no jobs yet. I am heading to Australia for a year to improve my English. But I won’t let my dev skills slide and want to master a technology.

Although during my master’s I discovered DevOps tools and have a background in embedded C programs development, I would like to learn more about web development so as to become a full stack developer using HTML/CSS JavaScript, Bootstrap, React, NodeJs and so on.

The thing is I have no idea where to start. I have just recently discovered the bootcamps provided by freeCodeCamp but should I really start with one of them or do Udemy course like this one “the-complete-web-development-bootcamp”

1: Feel free to sugest your best roadmaps.
2: Is there any websites or Youtube Channels where people build some side projects and show how they do it?

PS: As I will take English courses in Oz, I could only work on my dev skills 10h/week.

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The courses have projects to complete, you could use them to give you some idea of what to make.

For example, the ‘Responsive Web Design Certification’ course has ‘Certification Projects’:

  • Survey Form
  • Tribute Page
  • Technical Document Page
  • Product Landing Page
  • Personal Portfolio Webpage

You could go through each course like this, just doing the Projects.
It’d give you an idea of areas you need to strengthen.

Unless your learning something, I’d keep away from tutorials.
There are some websites that have coding problems. Advent of Code, CSS Battle (this ones more a game)

All of us here are pretty big fans of freeCodeCamp, especially because it’s free. Some people get more value out of paying for courses on sites like Udemy though. It’s all personal preference.

Well, if you are here then why to think about other, means in this platform you can also build many projects, if you want some more than you can also check github.

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