Coding Friends and Isolation

I’ve noticed during the coding journey, that staring at a cpu for hours and not having a empathetic relationship during studying and coding, can make the process that much more difficult and isolating. Any one else?

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It can feel that way.

This is why the community forums are encouraged.
Even if you dont need help, I’d advise reading through a few posts a day from one or more of these rooms.

  • General
  • Career Advice
  • You Can Do This!
  • Code Feedback

Seeing how others are coping/have coped with the trials and triumphs of their own journey, can be a great way to keep motivated and feel a connection.

I often see links to groups and communities in post reply’s.
After all, no matter how introverted a person is, when it comes to working on your own, its still nice to connect :slight_smile:


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