Coding in real life: transition from FCC to the real world

print('Hello Campers and coders')

After completing the Front End section, I have decided to start putting my newer knowledge in use of the real world.

I decided to start with baby steps by giving back the the awesome community around coding.

Or in other words I want to gain real life experience by solving open issues on GitHub.
(there’s a fantastic website that helps you sort the open requests: codetriage).

In the meantime I was able to make a good impression on a design studio that will hire me for some front-end project. [YAY!!!, thanks FCC].

So far I feel like everything’s moving in the right direction:

  • I will do some freelancing front-end.
  • I will keep on gaining knowledge by helping on GitHub. (FCC is on my list) :slight_smile:

There’s only one thing that scares me and holds me back:

how do I get started in real life?

Every MOOC and FCC as well, all uses some didactical tool and closed learning environment like Cloud9, Codepen, and Heroku.
Everything’s closed and pre-made for you.

I have ZERO idea on how to actually start and set up a project, create repos, edit files and make pull request.

I (sort of) know how Git work, I have Atom as a text editor on my laptop and so on…

But what if screw something?

It’s not like I’m still in class or editing in codepen that If I forgot a setting or make a mistake some error will pop up.

I had no remorse and tell during my interview that my greatest weakness was a total lack of how to start.
But still I imagine myself like it’s my firs day at work, they show me around, and then show me my workstation:

Boss: "ok here’s your workstation, if you have any question…"
Me: “mmmmmmh… key, how do I start?”

How can I fill this void I feel in my instruction?
Is it just normal to feel this way?

When I went to Uni, the institution guided / guarded us into the labor by internships, but this time I feel like I have none guarding my back, and I have to admit I’m a bit scared :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading and all the support you can give me :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Thanks @P1xt, Great advice there!

I am actually doing the back-end part as you pointed out.
(that’s why I’m talking about Cloud9 and Heroku)

All I wanted to do is keep studying the back-end part while working to gain some real life experience helping open source project.

Probably It’s too premature to just ‘walk with my own legs’ and explore the world of Github open issues; I might be just too beginner to begin. What’s your general opinion about that?

But I also have the fear that learning is a process, not a destination, therfore there won’t be a ‘right moment’ to start! (condition applies)

On a side note look who’s comment I found full of practical resources :slight_smile:
guess who

If you fear missing that helpful nagging from Codepen about your missing semicolons and unexpected tokens, you can set up linting in Atom with a couple of plugins.

Yay! Local nagging!