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I just started the Coding Interview Prep with the first section “Algorithms” but I soon figured out that I wasn’t going to succeed by myself if I don’t have the knowledge of different data types and sorting methods etc… Which is exactly what the second section " Data Structures" does, so I’m doing Data Structures first and then Algorithms, I think you should swap these two sections so that the first section is Data Structure, that just makes more sense in terms of UI.


Sorting methods are “algorithms”, not “data structures”.

I don’t think anything in the Algorithms section needs any special data structures, as far as I can tell.

The first exercise of Algorithms is easily solved if you have knowledge of Set, which is exactly what is explained in Data Structure here:

Sure, but knowledge of a set is absolutely not needed.

True but Data Structure contains many topics I am sure will help me with Algorithms and as such I thin it’s best to go through that first.

And also the last exercise of Algorithms is “Implement Binary Search” which I don’t know how to do, but it’s explained in Data Structures.

Both help each other.

A “Binary Search” has nothing to do with a special data structure at all.

Well okay but you have a few binary search tree lessons in Data Structures, it’s clearly what a newbie needs to go through first before doing the Algorithm exercise “Implement Binary Search”

A Binary Search Tree and a Binary Search are different things altogether. A Binary Search works just fine on a plain array. In fact, that’s typically how its taught at university.

How do to a Binary Search is explained here:

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Fair enough I don’t doubt that but I still think the Data Structure is more lesson focused while Algorithms is more “exercise” focused and as such it makes more sense to have Data Structure first.

Anyhow have a good day folks I’m back to the grind :slight_smile:

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