Coding its our way!

Hey Guys,
Why cannot we change the coding methodology guys it is like we know Google now (Voice Recognition) or Dragon Assistant by which they recognize and respond to our command.
I’m coming to the point why don’t we design and build a product which can code itself by our voice recognition.
if the product is out then think it become’s very easy,fast and flexible that we can build many other amazing real time required product in a less time. what do you think guys?

Do you agree with me ?

Just Think about guys.

One last thing Thinking small or big doesn’t matter as it takes same amount of energy so THINK BIG and develop something BIG!!!

What will you say people?

I was actually thinking about this the other day.

For me, coding is somewhat visual. I have to think things through more when I’m coding than when I’m speaking – I scribble on scraps of paper to clarify things to myself. This very well may be a matter of experience or how I am used to doing it.

It doesn’t seem too far fetched for those who can fluently think in a programming language.