Coding language?

which coding languages are asked to be used as a medium to solve general purpose question?
do we have any other opttion?

I’ll give the vaguest answer. pseudocode

If were talking about whiteboard interviews, you probably can get by with pseudocode in most situations, unless you interviewing for a job with a specific language in mind (front-end developers should know javascript for example)

Otherwise getting ideas across, or teaching general programing concepts, pseudocode goes a long way. You don’t need to care about syntax, when you make your own!

No matter of languages . They want check you how to solve your problem. How to design logic in any basic language.

and which language does free code camp does require to solve general purpose prog. questions?
(roseta code n project euler isection on this website)

and which language does free code camp does require to solve general purpose prog. questions?
(roseta code n project euler isection on this website)???

Free Code Camp teaches JavaScript for it’s core programming language. The roseta code and project euler challenges are expected to be completed in JavaScript, because the tests are assuming JavaScript and no other language.

and can someone please help me, that which all sections need to be completed for full stack developer on free code camp?

Hey it’s not need any sections to complete the course. It’s important to you grasp the how to code and free code camp is it for getting only certificates. no it’s for the learn all the solving problems by hardworking.

Do Hard-work and complete all section … Hope this help you !!

so , if i complete all these sections, will ibe able to called as full stack or fo for full stack dev job?

and do these certificated if this website are recongnised in IT industry??

Look if you successfully completed all section then create some project and show them to your portfolio . real experience is better then any certificates. Certificate is plus point for your great feature.

I’m gonna answer the question with a quote from this Medium article about Flutter/Dart:

The secret is focus

The improvements in Dart 2 are focused on optimizing client-side development. But Dart will still be a great language to build server-side, desktop, embedded systems, or other programs.

Focus is a good thing. Pretty much all enduring popular languages benefitted from being very focused. For example:

  • C was a system programming language for writing operating systems and compilers. It became so much more.
  • Java was a language designed for embedded systems.
  • JavaScript was a scripting language for web browsers (!).
  • Even much-maligned PHP succeeded because it was focused on writing Personal Home Pages (where it got its name).

On the other hand, many languages have explicitly tried (and failed) to be completely general purpose, such as PL/1 and Ada, among others. The most common problem is that without focus, these languages became proverbial kitchen sinks.

With that said… a language like JavaScript has become fairly general-purpose. Heck, you can even make desktop apps with JavaScript now (though the general consensus seems to be that it leads to slow, buggy apps and poor user experience).