Coding learning when blind

Dear community.

My name is Scarlette, I lost my eyesight at the age of 15. However, I’m still able to use my computer with a screen reader Softwarw.

I’m genuinely interested in coding (learning from 0), so I’d like to ask you all for some pieces of advice on how To get started.



Ask any questions that come up. Please also let us know if freeCodeCamp has any accessibility failures. If you ask for help on the forum and someone uses a screenshot without descriptive text, you can at-mention “moderators” and we’ll edit the response.

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Hi Scarlette. If you are asking about advice specifically for blind programmers, a google search led me to this article by freeCodeCamp contributer Florian Beijers, who was born blind, about his experiences learning to code. It doesn’t look like he’s active on this site anymore but he does have an active Twitter account that you could reach out to him at (his Twitter link is at the end of the article). Are you a member of any groups or organizations for the blind? They might have some resources they could point you to as well. And of course your favorite search engine is always a place to try and find what you are looking for.

If you are just asking about how to get started coding in general I guess that would depend on what type of coding you are interested in. Can you give us a little more detail about what you want to learn?

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hello scarlette! it’s nice to meet you. i read an article the other day that may interest you. here is the link Helping blind people learn to code. i also found this discussion on stack overflow (which, if you’re unaware, is essentially a community of programmers that you can ask about programming or just talk to in general) that may interest you as well. here is the link for that workflow - How can you program if you're blind? - Stack Overflow. i hope this helps! have a great day

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