Coding motivation

I’ve just started doing the HTML and CSS lessons. I love coding! I really wish I had started learning it sooner. My dream is to get a web developer job someday. I’m little overwhelmed when I think about how much I have yet to learn to reach my goal, but I’m going to try to not give up. Good luck on your projects everyone! You absolutely can do this!


I started coding this year too and completely feel the same! Wish I started earlier, but it’s never too late to learn right?^^ I would love to be a developer and inspire my kids to code as well :slight_smile:

I’ve completed the responsive web design course and loved it and am working through the JavaScript course!

Check out my responsive web design projects here: GitHub - BWong88/FCC-Portfolio-page

I agree with you. It’s never too late. At least that’s what I tell myself to keep my spirits up while I’m trying to learn some of the more challenging aspects of coding. Thank you for including the link to some of your projects. They look good. Keep up the great work.

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