Coding myself to death on a pixelbook go (chromebook)

hey guys, so i work in security, i look at cameras, im also about to work about 80-96hrs every other week, and the other weeks ill be working around 75hrs due to over time.

my co worker is leaving and due to that, ill be working alot of hours, i have the leisure of playing on my chromebook on youtube 56hrs a week now.

well when my co worker leaves, it will be 80hrs by default, around 96 max, i sit in my chair doing NOTHING. i have a degree in psychology, so i found out i cannot do counseling as well as i had hoped, oh i can do it, part time, but i would like to code and do programming freelancing, thats fun! :slight_smile:

i have a chromebook, yes chromeOS LOL XD, a pixelbook go. here are my specs.

intel m3 cpu, 8 gb of ram, 64gb of storage, thats about it cause im poor lol

this is what i want to do

i wan to spend about 60hrs a week coding, learning, typing, studying, researching, really taking this seriously.

i work 75hrs this week along, 12hr shifts, for the next 4 days, what am i going to do. i might aswell learn. I need to FOCUS, i need to do this! anyone code for around 60hrs a week trying to learn programming? is it possible? is it impressive? thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

That’s a good amount of time you can devote to whatever task you want, assuming you can do it while you’re working. So if you can devote that much time, and continue to devote that much time, and devote it in a way that it’s a productive use of your time, you should be able to get a good amount done.

It’s rather easy to spend a large chunk of time doing something you find interesting, enjoyable and challenging. Learning to program can be that task.

The Pixelbook Go is a solid machine. It wont blow anything away performance wise, but it doesn’t need to or strive to. It’s an internet machine, that can help you access whatever you need/want online. Luckily the internet provides an incredible amount of tools for you to learn to code with your current computer.

From online curriculums like freeCodeCamp (this place!), online communities, helps forums, online resources like MDN or freeCodeCamp news, to sandbox apps like codepen, to more serious online IDE’s like github codespaces, or codesandbox, or replit.

The technology is there to help you build almost anything from essentially just your browser, all of which will run great on your Pixelbook.

You technically can change your Pixelbook to act more as a legit development machine by leveraging a local Linux install, but I’d only do that if your serious, and as long as you understand the performance limitations of your machine (its solid, but might not cut it in some scenarios depending on what your doing)

Finally it’s worth mentioning that I’m using a Pixelbook (the non-go, older version) right now and have been for years. I used a budget Chromebook to finish my last semester of college, and used online IDE’s for all the projects I had to do at the time. Not only did my 200$ Chromebook handle everything perfectly fine, I found myself actually more flexible as I could technically use any computer that had internet access to work on my projects.

The web is powerful, but it is also expansive. There’s a lot of tools out there, more every day, and it may take time to find the best ones, but just know they are out there and your machine is capable of leveraging them.

So that leaves it up to you to leverage your time, and focus your efforts to achieve your goals!

Good luck, keep learning, keep building!

i am talking to you in a redmi android phone.
freecodecamp works perfectly fine here and my fingers dont even hurt.
so dont think you are the worst guy.
there might just be people with feature button phone here.
but dedication is must

i would die to get a chromebook man, its hard to debug js here.

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