Coding Partners/ Pair Programming

I’m doing a bunch of things too learn how to code… right now im going through a techdegree on Treehouse, but i find it difficult sometimes to constantly sit thought these videos by myself… i have a buddy who lives an hour away who works for Microsoft and every time we’re together im motivated to keep working and learning. Anybody out there want to get together periodically and want to learn together??? Or anyone who’s really familiar with Full-Stack want to be like a mentor?? I just need different minds and ways of thinking, i feel it helps me learn better when I have different perspective & help. & i’m assuming most feels the same way

That is cool but unfortunately I’m a rookie too. But I’m pair programming with a friend who is slightly better than me. We get together and do some algorithms challenges in javascript. You are welcome to join if like. Hit me up at gitter @puven12.

Hey –

This is kinda’ off topic from your original question, but I was curious about your thoughts on the Treehouse Techdegree program? Which one are you pursuing? How much did you know going into the program? Do you think it’s worth the money?

As far as pair programming goes, I’m probably not your guy. I’m still pretty brand new to FCC. Working on my first project yet. But I hope you find someone on the forum here.

Good luck, bro, and thanks!

@coder-talls I like it personally! i have a decent understanding of front-end so i decided just to go with the full-stack program… its 12 projects so it will build up your portfolio. but i would recommend it for sure… and im not opposed with doing some pair programming things with a beginner! Its easier to learn when your doing it with somebody.

Okay for sure! If you want you guys could help me with my projects i have to do with my Techdegree program as well