Coding problem solving

. My h2 element is not turning red,what is the mistake?

It looks like it should work. Is there a space after the dash like this?

<h2 class="red- text">

Yeah sometimes I’ve had some trouble with the mobile version of the :face_with_head_bandage: It looks like it should work, have you tried it On a computer? Or it could just be a space like mkmanges said

No there is no space,and I didn’t try on computer.

If your still stuck and don’t want to try it on a computer, then go into Google Chrome menu and click

request desktop site

You may have to scroll down. You can also try with Mozilla Firefox mobile. I didn’t have any trouble when I used it

I think the mistake is that you have two h2 elements, you need only one.

Leave the first element h2 and delete the second element h2.

I hope i helped you.

Thanks,it worked. I was stuck for 2days

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Youre welcome. Its happening to anyone

Awesome glad it worked out :smiley: