Coding Reimagined

Everyone, this is not a post about a current project I have already made, but on the contrary an idea that I have had for awhile, and I just want to reach out to the community in an oddish manner to see what you may think of the idea as well. I have made a simple UI which I would prefer not to show at the current time until the idea gets a bit more set in stone. I just want to know if you, the community, as programmers/devs/architects would be interested in this idea.

The basis is…QODE.

It’s a twist on “Quickly Coding”. Essentially the new art of programming in an online hackathon of maybe only 1 hour (working on this, but I like 1 hour) to see which devs can scrape up the best website, app, or game. The language and format will be dev discretion. Nothing great comes without a twist however. This is my idea for how it can go; before the timer goes off there is 1 random topic named, both have 5 free minutes to prepare boilerplate code, and think of ideas to make either the funniest, best, or well…worst apps sites games related to the topic, you name it!

The community will vote on which one they think is best, which is great because someone can write a mass-scale application with 100 pages, but someone can write a tic-tac-toe game with Donald Trump and Hillary Clintons face as X and O, and the community might vote for him because its funnier. It’s all about the communitys thoughts. I also would like to branch out to teams at a later time. Let me know if any of you would be interested in pursuing this awesome idea with me to Reimagine Coding.