Coding responsive Navigation Bar..(Need Help/Advice)

Hi Guys,

I just finished designing a website but I’m having trouble getting past the navigation menu. I haven’t been able to align the text where they need to go. I don’t know if it’s because of the logo I’ve chosen, as it slightly sticks out of the Navigation bar or if it’s another issue.

Does anyone know where I can start in this case? Can I even use that logo? I’ve seen other websites adopting similar design where the logo sticks out of the nav but I haven’t had any luck getting it coded. I’m mainly a designer so I’m a bit of a noob with writing code, would love some help/advice.



If you could give us some code on codepen or jsfiddle it would be very helpful.
From the very short description of your problem, it could be anything.

I would start by learning about CSS layout and also flexbox as it has almost full browser support now.

Thanks, guys! I figured it out, not sure if it’s perfect but I’m going to take some time learning more.