Coffee and thank you. - without tweets

Hello and thank you!

Many times I arrive at “If you read this far, tweet to the author to show them you care.”

Sometimes, I may have a question, more often I would like to send a Thank You.

I don’t / won’t tweet or use Link-in.

Please provide another way.

Thank you.

– Fred

Sorry, im not understanding what you are referring to? Are these free code camp articles you are reading or articles in general? If these are free code camp articles you are free to ask questions here where they can be answered. If the author is giving you a way to contact them then that is their preferred way of being contacted. If they dont mention another way of being contacted they may not have another way, or they dont want to be contacted in others ways that they have not listed.

Hi @Cody_Biggs
As an example, I was reading Semantic HTML5 Elements Explained and would have like to say thank you.
I don’t tweet, so I can send a thanks.
The same with HTML Best Practices – How to Build a Better HTML-Based Website.

Gotcha, and the tweet button doesnt do much. It will just link the article so other can read it. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t really know how you could send a thanks or if there would even be a way to do that. I didn’t see if the article had a specific author mentioned. So, im mot sure if it was just one person or a collab of several people. Im mot sure how they go about publishing their articles. This would be best for the mods if they know of anything that can help you. I can tag a few of them here

@JeremyLT @hbar1st @jwilkins.oboe

HI @FKlusmann !

Every author in the news publication gets to choose what they put in their profiles.
Some authors will list multiple social media profiles and their website as a way for people to get in contact with them. While other authors will choose to not list those contact options.

If you are interested in reaching out to an author, your best bet would be to go to their author profile and see if they have linked a personal website where you can reach out to them.

Thank you, @Cody_Biggs @jwilkins.oboe .

Just as I am able to address both of you with the @ name, it would be nice to address those who add tutorials and article to FCC.

Again, I thank you!
– Fred

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