Coffee Express Landing Page

Hello everyone,

I would like some feedback on my Landing Page. I think this is my personal favorite thus far. It should be pretty responsive so have a go at it.


Coffee Express Landing Page

There is a visual hierarchy with fonts in design, but this is a bit much. See menu and email.

Partly because submit is so small and partly because of your creativity I was clicking around trying to find an invisible email input. I thought email was a button.

Looks great.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Firstly, could you elaborate on the visual hierarchy with fonts in design?

Secondly, are you suggesting that i make the buttons/email input larger as to be seen easier?


@guardians_folly You are already doing it. Each section of headings starts big and gets smaller before starting a new section which does the same thing. Make the screenshot full size. The menu is still too small.


Oh! Yes, ok wow I had a brainfart. I know exactly what you are talking about!

Cool, thanks for pointing this out :slight_smile:

I like it, but if you could make the image resize to the size of the page, it would be even cooler. Maybe a background-image on a div?

@RyanHuang06 Just tried this and i agree, looks way cooler! thanks :smiley:

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:slight_smile: Great! Thanks for responding!

@RyanHuang06 So just a fun fact i suppose: i did add the background-image in a div, however when i did that i noticed that on mobile devices the image was essentially just zoomed in, so all you really saw was the coffee cup and the handle, phone, beans and everything else was cut off. However, i built this site with mobile-first in mind which the img that i originally used was perfectly fine on mobile devices and the img resized to the size of the page.

Solution: I added the background-image div to the media query of min-width:1024px and the image fits the entire page size for mobile devices and laptop and up devices. Also, i set the element to display:none at 1024px and up to remove duplicate background images.

Just thought i would share!