Coffee House could use some feedback onto this idea of mine

CoffeeHouse it’s just an idea yet, but I like to know what you guy’s think of it and if there are any idea’s. Anything is welcome and I would love to hear if this is a good idea yes our no?

In the Netherlands we have two problems.
The rising price of living space for younger people.
And the growing problem of elderly people being alone.
So the idea is to make them living together.
People can sign up through the site.
And then they will receive a call to them.
If there are two candiates found an elderly and a younger person,
There then will be a meeting arragned between the two for a cup of coffee.
Hench the name for the site coffee house.
After that there will be a trial of a month of the younger person living together with the elder person.
If it works onto both sides and it’s a match then it’s a match.


I’ve heard of this idea before - so obviously someone else thought it was a worthwhile idea:

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I suspect the idea is still new in the Netherlands.

Really interesting though littered with pitfalls. Young people lead busy lives and being young, they will find it hard to empathize with the problems of elders. Elders may have the space but being elders, they cannot deal with everything the way a young person can, including dealing with stress.
Your input will be communication between the two parties. Such an arrangement will quickly turn into elders renting rooms to younger people. Full stop. Which may be fine. Should they need real help, I don’t know, getting stuff up the stairs, cleaning, shopping… they need to communicate and you could help out there making up a contract. Elders may be using young people as cheap employees and young people may be taking advantage as well. Elders may not be waiting for young people to sit with them and hold their hands, friendships can’t be forced you know, so I would concentrate on the practicalities.
You need to try the idea out with volunteers and deal in detail with all the problems you will encounter. It is these problems and the way you deal with them, that will create the quality of CoffeeHouse and how you differentiate yourself from other intitiatives.

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your making allot ofscense thank you :3