Coffee Menu App - Step 41

Please can someone help me out.
I’m suppose to do this;
(simply move the price p element to be on the same line and make sure there is no space between them)

I have tried everything to no avail, what do i do?

French Vanilla


Welcome to the forum!

We need link to the challenge step in order to help you. Thanks

Hi! Welcome to the forum. :smiley:

Please post your code and and a link to the challenge you are stuck on. Without your code it’s hard to know what is going wrong.

Thank you very much, i have figured it out.
I just needed to place the two p elements side by side without any space between them.
Cafe Menu App - Step 41

Hi, please do not post full coding solutions to the forum, it doesn’t help people learn if the challenge is solved for them.

I’ve edited your post and removed the solution from it.

Congratulations on solving the lesson though! :smiley:

Oh sorry i didn’t know that.
I have taken note of that.

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