Coffee Shop Project -- Feedback

Trying take everything I’ve learned so far and build on it and make better looking projects and this is my first go at it, I haven’t finished yet. But have a look at what I have so far!

Coffee Shop Project

I looked at it on mobile and there are a few issues. The text on the menu overlaps with the line underneath. Also the pictures below the menu dont have the right proportions. They are too high for their width.
Aside from that I think it looks great.

Hopefully someone with more design experience can help more.

I like the side navigation design of it! Couple of things that I noticed is with your mobile view, I see that you you are trying to apply some animations to the hamburger icon when clicked, but don’t see any associated key frames with your slideInDown and slideOutTop, so no transition effects are being applied to it when clicked. And your blog, contact, and reservations link seems to be cropped out on when I’m viewing on desktop. Other than that, I really like the overall look of it!