Cohort Starting - Join Now

can people still join??

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@canlit Sure! You’re added. If anyone else wants to join, send me a private message, if you can.

Hello @camper, thanks for including me in this chat group.

However, I’ve already completed the lessons upto jQuery and the tribute page project. I think it’d be best if I use your timeline to brush up what I learnt on these lessons and then continue with all the members.

Also, I think you could reduce the time interval for the tribute page and portfolio page and increase it for the JS lessons. It should take one week at the most for the tribute and portfolio pages. It’s purely personal opinion though. We can see what you and other members think.

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Hey guys! It would be great to join the group!

The JS lessons will take more than a week, I did that part first because I needed to know Javascript for work reasons.

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I’d love to join this cohort, I just finished the second easy front-end project, the portfolio. I will probably be working ahead, but the interaction and feedback would be fantastic!


Edit: Also a trello/slack/discord would be nice.

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Do you have room for a total newb? I would love to join if you have room.

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@Ardrion, @Claude, and @Mdrisk have been added.

@debu2code, the reason I figured the JavaScript section would only need a week is because the curriculum says it’s 10 hours of time. I haven’t done it yet, but I’m hoping that by following the challenge instructions, using hints, and asking the cohort questions, we’ll be able to finish it within a week.

I gave the projects more time because I think it’s important to spend time really thinking about the projects as that’s where a lot of learning is going to happen. Sure, it’s possible to throw them together and do the minimum, but then I think one isn’t taking advantage of the learning opportunity. I suspect that’s why both projects are given 50 hours in the curriculum.

Plus, the person who really kicked this cohort off said they were completely new to FCC (others have also mentioned this since), and I know from experience that the projects can be daunting for people who have never done web work before.

I’m definitely open to further discussion and the private posts are wikis so anyone can change them as needed.

Edit: Oh, for those who are working ahead, helping others and giving feedback is also essential to really learning this stuff. :slight_smile: If you have time, go through some of the projects shared already and offer your thoughts and/or share links and resources that you think others might benefit from. Thanks for participating!

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Hi. I joined today, Oct. 24th. I am a little behind so I hope you don’t mind me playing catch up through the first couple of due dates. Is that all right?


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No issues mate. I was thinking that we could reference additional materials during the lessons.Anyway, we can do that while doing the projects.

I certainly want to help other members here. But I can’t find the threads for the sections. Can you please share them as a sticky post or anything?

The two I have bookmarked:



Thanks @Wookies-Will-Code. I’ll bookmark it.:+1::+1:

– EDIT – This is not an attempt to jack your cohort. This is a COHORT-IRRELEVANT group of people who just want a really streamlined and effective way to communicate with other new campers, generally.

Hey everyone,

There is a very similar thread active right now.

And in it, without anyone’s permission (this is how everything good happens), I created this discord server for us to be awesome with.

Discord is better than Slack for our purposes for one-and-a-half reasons: it’s totally free, forever, and it’s fully featured while free! (??)

I hope you guys can join. I have the rest of the morning (It’s 10:35AM for me) to pimp out this server with whoever else joins.

I’d love to join! Please let me know how I can. I am on the weather project but have taken a long break (about four months) because I got a new job which is not in web development.

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@grodriguez330 You’ve been added. :sunny:

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I also want to be a part of this group, are there still slots opened?

hi, I had been in FCC for three months. I know I am not very active with freecodecamp, but I’ve completed my first mini project to create a tribute page, which I hope is looking pretty good. I would like to join this COHORT so that I would know there are others like me/motivation working with their coding. I hope you would count me in. Feel free to hit me in DM. Thanks!

Would like to join to the group, just started few days ago.

If it is still possible, please add me to Your group.

I want to Join this chort too! I just finished my tribute page and am working on the portfolio page! please add me

Hey how do you think the beta currc is lacking?

Btw I am upto the tribute page, would be keen to join you guys :slight_smile: