Collaboration Site?

Anyone know of a web hub designed specifically for collaboration on open source js/css projects?

A place designed to share code, and post improvements to other people’s code. Something like github, but more user-friendly.

Not just a forum, but really designed to collaborate on code.


Hi there!

What is it that you do not like about Github? There are a plethora of online platforms that facilitate collaboration among teams. Each of them tailored for specific use cases and preferences.

If we knew more about what you need and dislike about Github, then I’m sure it would be easier to recommend other platforms.

Also, if you would like to do some research on your own, the term I would suggest is VCS or Version Control Systems. These allow developers to keep track of code versions, collaborate on new code, and much more.

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thx for reply. yes, i have researched.

Looking for a place designed to share code, and post improvements to other people’s code. Something like github, but more collaborative and user-friendly. Something with stronger social features. Like, “Join the dev team for this project” and “Post and discuss a new improvement”.

Co-editing, chat, messaging, profiles for devs to post their credentials, a search engine whereby someone can search for and join projects, a release process, project leads who can accept/reject suggested changes, a built-in marketplace to share finished projects to the world…

Jsfiddle does have a collaboration feature, but i don’t see most of the above-mentioned features. They do have chat, which is cool, but i don’t see profiles, private messaging, search engine. Jsfiddle is a little buggy sometimes.

i don’t know why github has always seemed a bit unapproachable to me. Understanding the github workflow and process has always been a struggle, but that’s just me. Github doesn’t seem designed to encourage people randomly searching and joining various projects of interest.

Gitpod seems promising, tho’ not sure 100 hours/month is adequate. i’ll have to explore further.


If your interested in a Git based platform then I would highly recommend, GitLab, GitHub, or even Bitbucket. All these platforms use Git at their core and support all core features of Git. However when you are on their site and working from their platform they all offer unique set of tools to collaborate on a project.

If you are just ramping up, I would still recommend GitHub. Even though there are things in the GitHub UI that tend to confuse new comers, it is still home thousands upon thousands of repositories for people to view publicly.

As far as contributing code, I think understanding the fundamentals of Git will be vital in getting the most out of any platform. I’m actually relatively new to this site, but I’m sure there are courses to cover Git basics. If you’re hung up on any specific terms or “how you do something” in Git, but don’t know the right words. Just come and post here for help.

The most confusing thing I found in Github / GitLab / Bitbucket was the concept of a pull request.

This is how you actually make suggestions to people’s code. So you fork their repo (basically you copy theirs into your own repo so you can make changes). Then you make your changes. Last you submit a pull request to the original author. This essentially is asking the author to 1) review your changes 2) Pull your changes to the code into their code base.

I looked at Gitpod briefly and it seems to just be another layer added to Github.

As far as sharing credentials, you can use a reputable password manager like which allows you to safely share credentials with other users.

On a final note, I’ve not found a platform that offers *exactly what you are looking for, but several platforms offer use of plugins, or integrations with 3rd party tools and usually in the end you can end up with what you want. I think most offer a baseline of features with the ability to shape your experience, just as long as you stay within the confines of how Git works. Co-editing is one that I found interesting, and I’m not sure you would see that with a Git based platform, because one of the goals of Git is to isolate and track changes, and it would be difficult for two users to touch the same file, and for git to know who’s changes to keep.

Well, I know this was a lot, but hope it helps. If it possibly sparks more questions or discussion feel free to shoot a reply back! Have a great day!