Collapsing the Navbar won't work!

Hi! I’m working on my Portfolio Project (pretty much done) and the navbar won’t collapse when I resize the browser. It was working in the beginning, but somewhere along the way I messed up.

Please help. Thanks.

The navbar was collapsing, but the menu icon was invisible. You seem to be missing the class navbar-default from <nav>'s classes.

Oh, yeah! I remember now - I removed it because it was messing my style up, the colors and the bottom line. I thought it was redundant.

Thanks a bunch man!:+1:

Please help again. Now with navbar-default can’t set my navbar text color back, and eliminate the white bottom border…??

I think you can normally apply CSS to change it’s appearance. I tried border: 0; (outside of the media query) and the border disappeared.

Thanks man, much obliged!:pray:

There is a lot of CSS just for the navbar…