Collect data from iframe

Hi everyone,
I’m not sure I can explain what I need to know. is it possible to collect data (post in php) from iframe? I mean, I need to collect the checkbox and radio data go to database, but it is in iframe, so, Can php read iframe, then post in database? Please let me know…if you are not clear, I will draw on this forum to make clear.


Short answer: You probably don’t want to use an iFrame for something like that.
Longer answer: You can’t really communicate directly between the contents of an iFrame and its containing document.
Alternative answer: There are libraries like IWC that you can use if you control both the containing document and the iFrame contents.

Ok, what about inside iframe? I mean, I can put php post to save in database in this file, but just display in iframe?

Right. You can’t communicate directly between the two pages. You can have both of them write to and read from the same backend.