Collecting form data

Link to the challenge

So in the challenge, I was told that by using pure html, I could collect the data inputed into the form.
The instructions said that whatever link I set the action attribute to, the data would appear on that site. How do I get the data to display? will the data be logged into the console of the data-collecting site?
can you tell me how to collect it?


As far as I understand, while it’s possible to take user input and send it to a given site through an HTML form, you can’t collect the data gathered from the form just using what you learn in that challenge. User input would need to be sent from a form to a linked site that you have previously set up to receive and store the data users put in. The link provided in that lesson is essentially a dummy link, it doesn’t store what you send it through the form, it’s just there for teaching purposes.

I believe you would need to set up a site with the ability to store, save, display, and manipulate form data using some of the backend tools that freecodecamp teaches you later on. (PHP or SQL, for example).

Okay. I’ll just wait and learn the backend languages later.