Color Blind Coder

I am color blind to bright red and green. I have read that people have had success working on Web Development but I am wondering if it might be better at this early stage choose a different path in the 10 learning modules.

I have worked my way through HTML and CSS and am beginning Javascript at the. moment. I still haven’t done the projects yet in course one.

Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated!

Well in my opinion, it doesnt really matter if you are colorblind or not, if you enjoy what you are doing then keep going to it:), it doesnt matter if alot of people say that they have been succesful at web development, just do what you like, and also you should also do some project soon too because it will test what you learned at the courses, you can search up some projects to do or just do whatever you think you want:).

Make sure you have a color scheme for your editor that works for you, other than that, web dev is much more than choosing the right colors, so I don’t see why you couldn’t be a web dev

do not forget to do the projects in your path, it will help you a lot in anchoring the comcepts to your mind

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  1. I suppose that maybe some of the colors you choose for your projects might not be the most beautiful combinations, but that’s fine. Most people’s projects are pretty ugly, tbh. Graphic design probably would not be your first choice, as a web developer I don’t choose colors. I am given colors with their hex values.

  2. freeCodeCamp isn’t 10 independent learning modules. It’s intended to be a single curriculum. The 10 sections are milestones rather than courses of study.

Thanks for the advice. I am really enjoyed the exercises I think you are right, it is most important to enjoy what I am doing. I think as an added bonus if I enjoy coding I will become ever better rather thanks just focusing on a job!

Thanks Ilenia on the feedback. I am still trying to figure out how to do the projects. Should I get a codepen pro account? Still trying to figure out the stories. I did read about it on Wikipedia. Can the stories be about anyone?

Happy Holidays!

Thank you for being candid. I am not too much of an artist in addition to being colour blind.

Also I am not sure about the difference between “milestones” and “courses of study”

Hope you are having a nice holiday!

you would do great in makign designs which are accessible for other color blind people and test apps for that

“Web developement” is a big field actually and it heavily depends on “where” you work, if colorblindness might affect you.
If you work in a decently sized company, you have a marketing department that will make all coloring decisions and you just have to translate that into the CSS. The major aspect there would be dealing with whatever framework they are using.

However if you were working as solo-developer you might run into a bit more trouble for making pages that look good for non-colorblind-people. Though I really can’t tell if this would be an actual issue or not.

the user stories to satisfy are the one listed in the project description, your project have to respect those user stories, but the topic can be anything - you can make a Tribute Page on an historical, fictional, or current figure. You can make a Tribute Page to potatoes! whatever you want really.

In the project description there is linked a codepen template, it will create a pen for you with the test suite already incorporated - you can make an unlimited number of pens on a free account on CodePen, you don’t need a pro account.

Also, the new project based curriculum for the Responsive Web Design course is now in open beta, you can check it out for a different way of explaining HTML/CSS concepts

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