Color differences between IE and Chrome

I looked at my WIP on Codepen in Internet Explorer and the colors I have chosen were unchanged. Does that mean that the color chart I used is compatible with IE’s interpretations or that Codepen just comes shining through on any system? My colors are priority information and I need to know as closely as possible what any viewer is seeing. Also I am a painter and began learning html so I can design my own website. Will the colors of my paintings be universal or dependent on the viewer’s equipment? My mind’s eyes cross at this question and I hope I have made it (my question) clear.

this I can answer: colors can change between screen technologies but the new ones are certainly more consistent. The thing you need to keep in mind is that colors in pictures and colors in reality often don’t match, plus there are certain colors that can’t be reliably transferred from real to digital. (there are 17 millions colors possible on screen, our eyes can see more than that), and sunlight can’t never be reproduced quite right on screen.
Usually, it is not much issue, but considering you work with colors you may want to keep it in mind. (Did you heard of the pinkest pink so pink that it’s pinkness can’t be captured on camera?)
You may want to go to some photography community about how to make photographs to capture your paintings as best as possible, or hire someone to do that for you.

Thank you!

I really want to eye that ultimate pinkness. An eye might not be adequate it sounds like though.


I live in a town saturated with churches and American flags. (God help me) The local photographers “do” weddings and babies. I understand photographing paintings and can do a decent job myself and rely on the photo tweaking programs available to me.

I think wondering about the subjectivity of other peoples’ monitors is right up there with worrying about what they (the people) think and I shouldn’t think about it so thank you for your clarity and quick response.