Coloured markers part 66: won’t accept my solution

So I’m trying to do step 66 of the building a set of coloured markers tutorial. It says to change the background-color property to background.
This is my code.

.blue {
  background: hsl(240, 100%, 50%);

I’m 90% sure this is the correct code so I’m wondering if this is a bug. (If it isn’t I’d really like to know what I am doing wrong!)

I am using IOS with the latest Firefox version. I have tried clearing my cache and logging in and out.

Please provide the challenge link :slight_smile:

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Here! The other challenges in this section seem to complete just fine.

Works on my end.

Maybe try another browser?

I am using google chrome without extensions and it is passing for me

Hi I tried it on Google chrome and safari and it still won’t accept this solution as correct.

I can try my laptop, but I generally prefer to do FCC on my iPad for convince sake.

Apple has a nasty habit of doing nonstandard things because they can. I recall somebody running into an iPad only issue recently on the forum.

Now challenge 68 won’t accept my solution either and I’m certain I’ve got that right too. I really hope I don’t have to get my MacBook out just to do the course. :worried:

Bizarrely it is intermittent because challenge 69 works fine and all the challenges before 66 worked fine too!
…is it rejecting challenges with an even number perhaps? :thinking:

(I want to switch to android/Windows for this exact reason! Apple does annoying things that keep making my coding life hard!)

It’s odd that step 68 works for you but not step 69 because the tests for the two challenges look almost identical.

Anyway, if you do have a laptop I think it would be better to use that anyway. You would get better typing practice and the muscle memory that is developed will transfer to something more real-world. It might be less convenient, but the learning experience will be a lot closer to what you need to learn to do serious developer work.

I have that issue on 49,60, 66

I believe my code is correct

.red {
background: rgb(255,0,0);

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