Colt's web developer bootcamp on udemy

Hi all

This may possibly be a bit of a rant, or maybe there are a few people that feel the same way as me…

or maybe, its just been a long day and i’m getting my panties in a twist…


does anyone else who is going through colts course, feel there’s too many out dated pieces to it? or where the little snippets /explanations by the TA’s just dont cut it?

Case and point for me, is going through the boot strap section, theres the annoying section regarding the photo grid, which turns out that instead of putting the pics in the html(as per Colt), you have to infact put them in the css section(as per TA)

i suppose i’m really looking for a course that is kept more up to date (i’m aware that things are usually out of date before they have finished filming the video) but it would be nice to be learning from something that still feels relevant!

Feel free to call me a whiny so and so… but after furiously tapping away on the keyboard… i feel slightly better…

and i’m well aware i use full stops far too much…

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

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Yes, it gets annoying sometimes, but here’s my approach to dealing with this:

  1. I think of these little inconveniences as a chance to exercise my problem-solving/googling/searching skills. This often leads me to stumble upon a really smart solution or a best practice.
  2. I keep in mind that work of a developer most likely is filled with this kind of situations, when they have to sort out tons of conflicting information.

I did the first half of this course and so far it was really great. Most of the people who have finished the entire course also highly recommend it. So I wouldn’t drop it over these insignificant issues.


I just finished the Bootstrap section a few days ago. I think you’re misinterpreting the ‘white space bug fixes’ as the TA saying something and Colt saying something else. Its got nothing to do with the course being outdated.

What the TA is saying is that there’s a white space bug and that there are 3 ways to fix it. One way is to include a flex property, 2nd way is to use a plugin for a Pinterest style look, and a 3rd way is to crop the images which have to be done in the CSS file. If you read the CSS codepen you can see that he’s cropping the images and not just putting them in the CSS instead of HTML. Hopefully, that clears the confusion.

HTML and CSS basics are still the same as they were before, so nothing much has really changed on that front. The course seems to have kept up with minor changes pretty well in my opinion. Appropriate notes have been included for Bootstrap 4, Google fonts and certain other resources changing and their design evolving.

The core concepts (basic or advanced) remain the same, most courses out there that explain JS concepts (Pluralsight, Frontend Masters) have been around a while and are still relevant because JS still does the core stuff the same way. Even this course has added additional videos in the past year when needed. The basics are still the same so these courses are definitely still relevant.

I wouldn’t let the small issues and frustration over certain things bother you, just focus on learning and getting through the course. He’s a really good instructor, set a nice base and then go from there. My two cents. Good luck.


I started the course but it was not my cup of tea. The outdated parts were inconveniences on top of it all.