Combine Arrays with the Spread Operator_002

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So I am pretty sure that this is what it’s asking me to do. I used the spread operator to add the fragment array after the word “Learning”, and before , “is”, and “fun”
The spreadOut function returns Learning,to,code,is,fun.
but it keeps telling me that “spreadOut should return [“learning”, “to”, “code”, “is”, “fun”]”

I even tried changing the format to make it return exactly ‘[“learning”, “to”, “code”, “is”, “fun”]’

It’s not letting me pass. Does anyone know why?
Thank you for your time.
My code so far

function spreadOut() {
  let fragment = ['to', 'code'];
  let sentence = ["Learning", ...fragment, "is", "fun"]; // changing this line
  return sentence;

// do not change code below this line

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“Learning” should be “learning”. It passes with that change.

Oh. my. gahhhh. I have been stuck on this for way too long. Thank you much. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. :slightly_smiling_face: Typos can be difficult to spot, especially if you’re been staring at the screen for hours. :neutral_face:

Don’t I know it. :sweat_smile: