Combining basic Python concepts

Hello, this is my first question here on the forum and I hope you all are doing well in these times. But any who, I have question for Python beginners like myself. I’ve recently invested into course from a Youtuber by the name of Qazi and it’s well worth the investment in my opinion. And although he’s created a community where others can assist me. I’ve personally found that it hasn’t worked for me so that’s why I’m here. With that said I find that I constantly struggle with combining basic concepts and I’m always running into errors. Even if I try to search for help it seems to me like I still lack understanding. Even after I write the code properly. I can write integers, floats, loops, and SEEM to understand the basics. But when I try to combine and implement them all together this is where I’m frustrated to no avail. So my question is what are the best resources for me to attack this with deliberate practice and strong references to refer to? I don’t care if it’s a book, website, or just your personal opinion. I tend to pick Python up and drop it due to this because it just isn’t sticking for me. But I don’t plan on giving up any time soon. My goal’s to get my degree first and take a hobby like approach to learning it in the mean time until I can accommodate more time to take it seriously. Any and all responses and criticism is welcomed. Thanks in advance!

You should try this and do Python challenges starting in 8kyu. This has drastically helped me handle complicated algorithms throughout the concepts/methods I’ve learned in freeCodeCamp.


Awesome! I’ll most definitely be looking into this soon. Thank you.

Learning python (or arguably anything) involves a combination of success and failure. Failure is important – it can help you understand more and thus deepen your learning.

I have been using python for years and even though I am at a fairly competent level I still have failures. I have started some ideas, and after hundreds of lines of code I bailed on them because it got complicated. But I learned from that. As I keep coding and practicing, it gets better and better.

Keep trying.

I can’t recommend enough to think of something simple that you want to make, and try to make it.

The first thing I made in python was a script to calculate the sum of all the coins I had. It asked me for input for each type of coin, did the multiplication and addition, and spit out a number.

If you try and build something, you will run into problems → this pushes you to go find solutions to those problems… and you learn.

Do you have any ideas of things you want to build?

Well to be honest with you I just want to be sufficient enough to where I can be very good at web scraping and Django. My long term goal is to be good enough to freelance in those two lanes eventually. But right now I just want to be good enough to build whatever kind of projects I can for the sake of building a strong portfolio and earning
a job as a backend programmer. While on the path of earning a CS degree. Specifically speaking project wise, I honestly don’t know. But given all that I’ve said what do you think I should be trying to build project wise?

Okay, maybe something to start with is build a web scraper for something that interests you.

For example, scrape a weather website to get the weather forecast for your area.

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