Comic book writer

How is this landing webpage I made for my friend?


Looks nice! I like the ‘window’ effect

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It looks cool! But I think you could change the font to be more readable.

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All your spacing, layout, color, and animations are amazing!
I love drawing comics. I’m making a home-made comic, and it’s not very good.

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Thanks for the advice!

The design is looking sharp. I would like to see a section for some featured work to give the viewer a feel for the type of genres the artist works on as well as his/her drawing style.


Thanks man, I like to write stories too just keep doing it practice makes perfect

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Alright! thank you too!
Keep coding and drawing!

Has Damon created work for DC Comics? That’s what the background image tells me. If not, you could ask Damon to arrange some of his works onto a shelf and take a good quality picture of them.

Hmm, just thinking, could you make the page look like a comic? That’d be a cool css/grid challenge.

I like the ‘Permanent Marker’ font. Maybe not use it for longer paragraphs as it’s all CAPS.

I agree.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll keep it in mind with my next projects!