Command line ( the terminal )

I am learning some basics about the terminal and I have a test at the end of it
they want me to provide in a file.text all the commands I did in the test

I created the test file and I name it commands.text via the terminal
now when I use

echo C:\Users\devloper>cd Desktop
C:\Users\devloper\Desktop>mkdir art-museum-website
C:\Users\devloper\Desktop> > commands.text

this is not working but this one is working

echo C:\Users\devloper>cd Desktop > commands.text

I dont know why ?

I want to copy all my hsitory commands to this file ,
my history commands are preserved in another text file in my desktop
please can any one help me .
any help is apperciated .

I am using ubuntu and gedit text editor and I can open file such as “commands.txt”. Try open with your text editor similar as here:
~/Desktop$ gedit commands.txt

If you are using Windows, you can type all your commands and when you are finished, you can use doskey /h > commands.text. This will save a file named “commands.text” in the current directory that should contain all the commands you typed.

thank you all for your time .