Commas or em-dashes?

The article I am working on has a lot of – between words.

In the beginning I can see trying to make a point between two different styles. But it is happening through most of the article.

How will I know when to keep the dashes, or replace them with commas?

Commas are imho overloaded in the English language. I often prefer to use dashes instead, and I think it’s fine for most people to do this.

When editing I often find myself converting commas into dashes (by the way, in Medium, it will automatically convert to a nice-looking em-dash if you type space, dash, space).

When we see a comma or a dash, we should think about whether we can replace it with a periods, then start a new sentence :slight_smile:

Thank you!
I didn’t know how to do that.
You are right. I am running into the same issue with commas.
I am trying to remember to make the sentences shorter and easier to read.