Comments Missing!

Hi everyone!

I’ve read a whole slew of articles that have amazing examples of code and are super clean and inspiring to look at.
The only thing I notice when looking at these examples is a total lack of comments. So many articles I have read stress the importance of putting comments into practice when writing code yet they are nowhere to be found in the articles I read from industry professionals. Am I the only one who notices this? Am I being too meticulous?

Hi! As someone who prob has lots to learn I kinda agree with you in that most things I look at are
unreadable to me. Although, after doing all the responsive web projects. I can say making comments
for everything you do is kinda annoying and time consuming. I think it is more so you the code writer
can come back and instantly know what you wrote. On the other hand your code should be clean enough
that anyone (if having some coding knowledge) can easily read your code without comments. Also if
you work with a team having comments in your code saying what you did is a must. That way fellow team
members don’t have to sit and read hundreds of lines of code to get caught up. All in all I can agree but I
still don’t want to write comments do to the fact I am just a clever lazy person XD

I think that in the specific case of articles, comments are not included because the code is described in the article itself.

I can definitely see the need in a team environment. I’ve taken up the practice, as I learn front-end, to comment the different sections in my CSS sheets (/main content/, /secondary content/) just to keep the rules tidy.

Also, I can identify with the clever, lazy person! Work smarter not harder!

A lot of articles do break down the code into sections and then go on to explain a certain block. I read an article where the author showed an entire work, which looked as professional and clean as can be, but no comments at all and the explanation was waaaaay at the bottom!