Comments Welcome on My Tribute Page

Here goes the link to my Tribute page:

Please review it. Suggetstions are welcome. Should I submit it now?


You’re almost done!


  • Instead of .container-fluid, I recommend using bootstrap’s .container class. Try reserving .container-fluid for navigation bars and footers.

  • Instead of putting style tags at the top of your html, you can remove the style tags and place all of your styles in your CSS file/tab. Keeping your CSS separate from your html will make your code cleaner.

  • I noticed you had some missing quotes on some classes and unclosed divs. You might want to validate your HTML to check for errors.

Great job so far! I look forward to seeing more work from you! :smile_cat:

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Thank you very much for comment @jinrawx !! Your suggestions are spot on!

  • As you said I changed the class from .container-fluid to .container. And my text moved away from the edge of the webpage. That was a nice improvement.

  • Yeah I moved it to CSS tab. Btw the example tribute page of FCC uses minimum, in fact, only one style in CSS tab. But I have to use styles in CSS tab coz I am not so familiar with all Bootstrap classes (and I am not supposed to look into code of the example page).

  • You do have keen eyes. True I was missing quotes & un-closed div. Thanks for the link of Validator. It will be helpful.

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