Community Chat Resources Thread (Discord, Slack, etc.)

I will check this out. It is an interesting niche, but the fCC Discord is way too packed for me to find it useful. I can only check it out every few days and can’t keep up on anything going on in there.

I just popped on, thanks for starting this server!

Thank you both for joining up! We’ve already had a few short talks :slight_smile:

I encourage anyone else that would include themself in this crtieria to join up!

Guys you all seems so interested in coding it seems
You can join discord group here


It was probably unintentional but thank you for the idea for our discord server. Working parents who code is a mouthful. Coders with Children is so much smoother to say.

Thank you so much :heart:

@RadDevDad, sorry , it was unintentional I didn’t see the original name, tag me and let me know if you want to rename it to something different

No by all means I love that name. I’ve already renamed the discord accordingly :+1:

Interested in forming an accountability group?

hey, I just signed up and I’m to learn, practice, and have fun. On a scale of 1 to 100 competence level for programming, i’m at like a 3 of 100; my total hours of programming is currently at 4 hours and it includes some codeacademy, freecodecamp, youtube videos, and article reading.

The reason why I mention my current aptitude is to help you determine good fit. I’m open to tag teaming with rookies or experienced individuals. Everyone brings a unique perspective. What is required though is a good attitude, fun personality, tolerable sense of humor, and willingness to lift teammates up.

A little about me: I took one course of programming back at UCLA when I had aspirations to study engineering there. The class went well, but I eventually changed to an economics degree. Fast forward to now, I run a digital marketing agency - www. jumpkit .io - but I’m itching to learn a new craft. Hence, this is why I’m here.

Oh, this may be even cooloer, but I live in NYC. If you’re in NYC, then we can even code together in-person.



Hey that sounds great I’m interested :grinning:

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hey i am interested to work with you

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Hi Evan and other folks, i am intersted into the group as well. Just about to actively coding the next few months.

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Hey all, thanks for your interest! I got into a bike accident yesterday, so that threw a wrench in my plans and response times for this week. Please shoot me a private message if you still want to form a group.

For now, I’m thinking of getting together 3-4 people and we keep each other accountable to at least 20 mins of programming each day; the point is to build a consistent habit.

Happy to hear ideas from you too via direct message.

Hi Evan, Sorry to hear that you have a accident. Hope you will do recover soon.
I am still interested. I think it is a good idea just to make each other accountable for programming every day. At least we make plan that how many days per week we plan to do it and check with each other in the group.


Hey all, I asked Fabio, another person who reached out to me, to message me on Discord. If you’re still interested in joining the accountability/study group, please message me on Discord at evanvpham!

Hey Evan, I’m interested, can you send me the invite.

This is the invite link for a slack group, everyone is welcome

FCC Study Buddies

@Dereje1 when you can would t be possible to add it to the top post?

done @ieahleen, looks like an invitation link does not preview the slack page on discord however

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I can’t do much about that, the invitation link is the only way i have for new people to join the slack channel