Community Chat Resources Thread (Discord, Slack, etc.)

yeah what @ArielLeslie said and I wouldn’t say all of them are dead, I checked a couple and they seem to be alive, though I haven’t joined any of them…

@Dereje1 I think the fact that many of these kinds of links expire quickly is one of the cons of having such at topic.

true @RandellDawson, any suggestion to mitigate that other than periodically deleting some of the dead links ?

Ask users to post permanent invites?

I created one just to avoid that thing of having to recreate it…

Even if I don’t know if discord let you do that - slack does


Does anyone know why freeCodeCamp does not have an official Discord or a Slack channel?

FCC used to have a chat (first on Slack and then on Gitter), but as the community grew a forum was a much better way to serve the community. There are still a couple dedicated FCC Gitter rooms and this is where the Contributors largely communicate.

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@kirubiel , your collab side project’s invite is currently invalid, wanna re-validate it so I can add it up top?

Oh okay.

I want to create slack group where New coders will be warmly welcomed . Need some experts who can help new coders. If anyone Interested please comments below I will send you the link…Thank you everyone

I am going to join this thread with the master list of discord and slack groups, if you give a permanent invite link I will add your slack group to the first post of the thread. There is also already a slack channel listed there if you want

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please add my link

Could you please add in your post the infos asked in the first post?
Please be sure your link is a permanent invite

Name of the group: programming_freecodecamp
Description: a study group for better way to keep accountability and encouragement
Date created: 10 July 2019

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Hello my fellow coders!

In the wake of the Coronavirus, I would like to create an active online study group. The point of this study group is for people who are actively studying how to code via FreeCodeCamp or any other bootcamp.

It would be great to get to the point of having daily webinar on particular languages where one might be struggling in and maybe linking up people with a same schedule to create small cohorts to hold each other accountable in their daily studies.

Please join us at the following Discord Server:

HI @BmoreInspiring,
I am in :), thanks.

Cheers and happy coding :slight_smile:

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Hello campers! I just started FCC a few days ago and looking for an active community. I would be happy if i can find any since all invites seems dead by now.

I’m very new to Javascript and I am in need of a supportive community! Is there a link that anyone can provide? I am also living in Japan right now, so if anyone else could provide the Asia region-based Discord link as well - that would be great.

There is now an official freeCodeCamp Discord server.