Community Chat Resources Thread (Discord, Slack, etc.)

Welcome to the Community Chat Resources thread, please use this thread to search for communities such as Discord, Slack and the like made by FCC students that you would like to join.

You may also use it to create, discuss with and invite other FCC users to a community that you want to create, but please search for groups that have already been created before you decide to create a new one.

Occasionally, moderators will update this post with newly created chat groups, so please make sure to include the following information:

  1. Name of Group.
  2. Description.
  3. Date Created.
  4. Link.

Thanks and happy coding.

Unofficial FreeCodeCamp WhatsApp Group @cameldjoulako
Created: 01/15/19

FCC Study Buddies @snowmonkey
Created: 01/23/2019
Slack Invite

Coder’s Dungeon @alison
Created: 02/12/19

Unofficial FreeCodeCamp @madbitmax
Created: 02/22/19

Coders with Children @RadDevDad
Created: 04/04/19

Asia Region FCC Members @Gunjan
Created: 04/06/19

The Collective @kirubiel
Created: 05/20/19

programming_freecodecamp @Javid_coder
Created: 07/10/2019

a study group for better way to keep accountability and encouragement


If anyone interested in the pair programming to learn Web development - Join this discord server

ello ello ! my name is Elison i m new to the Fcc (not really its been a month) i always wanted to learn coding and stumble across few platforms but the there was none like FCC , fcc get u started in a fun and interactive way and explain very complicated stuff ( not sure about you but for me ) in a very easy and eplainatory way , and its excersices are very good couz in most of the code learning sites they just require u to change few alphabets but here u need to get togather the whole pussle to solve the problem, hope i m making sense , i am at the point i m atleast learning but i need a community of my own like a team to do work togather partner up and find the bad guyz lolz , i need friends to get togather virtually and do the projects of FCC and learn fast to cope up with the real world challanges,
i hv created a discord server its not offical FCC server its for ppl like me who are serious about code please join only those who are serious about coding and like FCC … here is the invite
thanks, happy coding !

This is new to the unofficial group which never expires (unless they change it :stuck_out_tongue:)
Have fun and enjoy coding :wink:


Sure. Are you on the unofficial FCC discord group? I’m there as snowmonkey as well.

Here’s to tell you that Free Code Camp now has an unofficial whatsApp group: FCC developers community; set up for those who are interested. This is not meant to replace any of our existing communication platforms, but add one with a really interesting feature: voice communication. Easy voice communication. Quick sharing and post freelance job for beginner and expert

Because Free Code Camp is a community of opinion, the link I will give below has no expiration date or user limit. Feel free to share the link and it should work for anyone who clicks on it.

Why the Whatsapp group?
The main reason for wanting a Whatsapp group is its easy-to-use voice communication, and is accessible at any time of the day whether at school at work or at the market.
We are waiting for your comments and suggestions

Whatsapp group link and additional information
Click on it to be added to the Whatsapp group:

Happy coding!

saying Ur WA link is revoked, what’s going on there?

Maybe because the post is from 2015? I have never heard of an invitation link last this long

yeah right, now i looked closely… U got anything interesting to learn on here lately? I just started studying JS…

Are you doing the freecodecamp curriculum? The computer science Harvard course?

And if you want a group of people, there is the slack channel “FCC study buddies” and also a couple of discords (of which I am not part og but if you search in the forum you will find them)

Yeah doing FCC curriculum… Thanks for the link, on it now, U way too kind.

I did some searching and couldn’t really find anything like this.

It sounds like a niche group but I feel like having to transition from a current career into a developer/programmer job on top of raising a child under 1 is a BATTLE. I would like to find others who are experiencing the same type of journey.

We can share our hardships and stresses as well as a few stories if our children happen to get into trouble, to reassure fellow learners that they are not alone. in their craziness.

The discord is empty at the moment but I would love to find a few people who would like to help moderate things.

Here’s the link and I look forward to seeing you!

(Great original name as well!) :sweat_smile:


I will check this out. It is an interesting niche, but the fCC Discord is way too packed for me to find it useful. I can only check it out every few days and can’t keep up on anything going on in there.

I just popped on, thanks for starting this server!

Thank you both for joining up! We’ve already had a few short talks :slight_smile:

I encourage anyone else that would include themself in this crtieria to join up!

Guys you all seems so interested in coding it seems
You can join discord group here


It was probably unintentional but thank you for the idea for our discord server. Working parents who code is a mouthful. Coders with Children is so much smoother to say.

Thank you so much :heart:

@RadDevDad, sorry , it was unintentional I didn’t see the original name, tag me and let me know if you want to rename it to something different

No by all means I love that name. I’ve already renamed the discord accordingly :+1:

Interested in forming an accountability group?

hey, I just signed up and I’m to learn, practice, and have fun. On a scale of 1 to 100 competence level for programming, i’m at like a 3 of 100; my total hours of programming is currently at 4 hours and it includes some codeacademy, freecodecamp, youtube videos, and article reading.

The reason why I mention my current aptitude is to help you determine good fit. I’m open to tag teaming with rookies or experienced individuals. Everyone brings a unique perspective. What is required though is a good attitude, fun personality, tolerable sense of humor, and willingness to lift teammates up.

A little about me: I took one course of programming back at UCLA when I had aspirations to study engineering there. The class went well, but I eventually changed to an economics degree. Fast forward to now, I run a digital marketing agency - www. jumpkit .io - but I’m itching to learn a new craft. Hence, this is why I’m here.

Oh, this may be even cooloer, but I live in NYC. If you’re in NYC, then we can even code together in-person.